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Thanks to DanceEra, you don’t have to pay anymore to view live schedule for dance competitions events. This is a FREE app to download and to use it!- Take videos, photos and share with your friends and family on the largest social media for dancers, - Search for 1000’s of dance events, competitions and conventions- Real time schedule- Vote for your favorite routine- Receive announcements- Dancers messenger- View awards and video critiques from competitions using DanceEra registration, scoring and video system
Dance Competitions:
- Control DanceEra’s public APP (live schedule, public announcements, etc.)- Send announcements- Messenger between staff members- Search function for every aspect of live schedule- MC view for routine info- Backstage manager (check in, props, offstage start)- Upload schedule to DanceEra and use the app without using DanceEra’s registration- Compatible in offline mode with DanceEra Video & Scoring System